The Temple Of Eve
In The Light There Is Wisdom

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  • Full Moon 2 June 2015

  Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Hallowe'en - October 31
This is the Last Harvest and New Year's Eve to the ancient Celts. Being "between years," it is considered a very magical time, a day when the veil separating the the physical plane and spiritual realms is most permeable. This is a good day to practice divination: scrying, Tarot readings and Rune casting are all particularly effective. The practice of donning costumes... especially scary ones... grew out of the ancient fear of evil spirits passing through the veil along with the benevolent ones and pumpkin carving evolved from the practice of painting hideous faces on gourds to keep "gouls and goblins" away from the home. Samhain is also a day for honoring our ancestors and one of my favorite rituals is the Dumb Supper... laying an extra place at the dinner table for those who have passed over to the Summerlands.

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