The Temple Of Eve
In The Light There Is Wisdom
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Where ever we are there shall be light

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The Temple Of Eve       
328 Carentan Road
Seaside Ca. 93955      

Direct Contact:    
Rev. Michael R. Fenwick Sr. HP    
571.492. 1500   


The Tree of Life symbolizes wisdom and mans       eternal quest for knowledge. 
The snake swallowing its tail is a symbol of the infinite. 
As Above so Below applies.









Our Mission Statement:

 The Temple Of Eve is an organization that will be an open circle to all who wish to enter. It will be a place of enlightenment where all will feel safe to worship deity in their fashion. We will also provide a place of learning where classes of all kinds will be taught. We will in the future hope to start a fully accredited elementary school with daycare provided. No one will be turned away because of Race, Creed, Color, Religion, or Sexual orientation, nor will they be turned away because of their inability to pay.



























past and future
moon phases


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